Campaign Statement

The résumé version of this statement will tell you about how I’ve lived in the Tumwater/Olympia area for 12 years, how I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Central Washington University, how I have 10+ years of public service with Washington state, how I recently installed a solar panel system, and how I enjoy long walks to the fridge between Netflix sessions. But my guess is that the citizens of Tumwater are more interested in what kind of values and character I can bring to this position on your city council.

I am a democratic socialist with an unwavering conviction that strong communities can lift up the vulnerable, marginalized, and disenfranchised. It is the responsibility of each of us to never stop fighting for racial justice, environmental justice, economic justice, and gender justice, because the status quo isn’t enough, and underprivileged communities are not crying out for symbolic gestures or incremental changes.

As a woman with endometriosis and member of the SPUSA Women’s Commission, I am passionate about protecting access to reproductive health services and health care as a right, including legal cannabis. My father has stage IV medullary thyroid cancer and it is outrageous to me that lawmakers have left so many families like mine in the lurch, expecting us all to finance our own care with a makeshift GoFundMe insurance plan.

I affirm unapologetically that Black Lives Matter. I do not believe or accept that anyone deserves to be homeless or struggle to make ends meet. Regardless of occupation or level of education, we all can have a living wage. I will promote community control of our neighborhoods and workplaces, including independent police oversight councils composed of citizens. My feminism is intersectional and must be continually informed by LGBT, neurodivergent, young and old, differently abled, economically disadvantaged, and racially diverse voices to be of any value. I welcome and seek out the insightful opinions of young people; they are among those most affected by the inherent inequality of capitalism and should not be patronized or subjected to awkward pandering about Pokémon Go.

I consider myself a secular humanist who takes an evidence-based scientific approach in support of vaccinations, climate change understanding, sustainable energy, and healthy skepticism in the era of “alt-facts” and corporate-owned media.

Above all else, I hold the public trust in high regard as something that must be continuously earned, and have grown weary of those in office not being held accountable for their broken promises and favoring of elite interests. The overwhelming message seems to be that we all must support our elected officials no matter what, rather than the other way around. Our city council exists to serve the entire community, not a privileged few. I therefore humbly request your vote for Tumwater City Council, Position No. 5. I will be an uncompromising advocate for radical, lasting, inclusive solutions – and you can hold me to that.